Even the most innovative ideas and the best technologies can fail to reach the market and achieve success when the competitive and technological landscape, and ultimately the customer's needs, are not properly identified and understood. MT2 Strategies is a boutique consulting company which offers personalized and highly customer focused techno-marketing services:
  • Market research and analysis for products with high technological content
  • Access to market and valorization strategies
  • Due Diligences
Thanks to highly specialized partners with strong experience in strategic procurement and contract manufacturing, we can also guide you through all the steps required to bring your product to market.

MT2 Strategies uniquely combines 15 years of experience in product development, product management and business development with a strong international background and an ability to conduct business in multiple countries and various cultures (Europe, North America, Taiwan, Japan, Korea).

MT2 Strategies is your partner to explore and map the complex technological and competitive landscapes on your market and chart the optimum course from the laboratory to your final customers