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MT2 Strategies can help your company optimize the returns on your investments by devising the optimum course of action from the laboratory to the marketplace. The process typically involves a three-step approach where MT2 Strategies will:

1) Conduct market research and analysis through a process whereby we:
  • Understand and map the value chain.
  • Identify and analyze the positioning, strengths and weaknesses of the key players in the industry (SWOT analysis).
  • Identify and analyze key competing technologies (SWOT analysis, technology roadmaps).
  • Quantify and forecast market evolution.
2) Assist you in devising the best course of action to maximize ROI and profits by:
  • Defining intellectual property and licensing strategy.
  • Optimizing the development process through in house, joint development or ODM models.
  • Facilitating meetings with major players and key potential partners (OEM, distribution, etc...).
  • Determining the structure, business model and positioning on the value chain (final product, OEM, spin off, etc...)
  • Implementing the optimum channel to market (direct sales, distributors, joint marketing agreement).
3) Identify the right partners for your venture, facilitate first contact and assist in preparing and negotiating joint development, marketing, manufacturing or distribution agreements.

In addition, thanks to highly qualified partners with strong experience in strategic procurement, supply chain and contract manufacturing, we are able to offer an integrated solution for your product development, manufacturing and marketing needs in Europe, Taiwan, China, Korea, The United States and Japan.

With our services, clients will be better prepared and positioned to successfully bring the right products to the right markets.